New Year, New Nail Polish!

Let me begin by saying Happy New Year to everyone!! 2011 has had some minor twists and turns, but according to Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening, there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths. I didn’t actively make any resolutions this year because I don’t believe in them anymore. If you want to do something, then just do it!!

I have, however, vowed to keep my shopping to a minimum. I’ve also vowed to keep my face beat and my nails painted at all times. Since I am on the verge of moving out on my own I have to find ways to look fashionable and fabulous on a budget! Your face and your nails are the first things people notice outside of your personal style. Nail polish especially can be used as another accessory that adds a little something to your outfit every day.

After getting rid of my acrylic tips and growing my nails naturally, I’ve found that keeping your nails painted helps them grow and prevents excessive breakage. Nail Tek has proven to be a great product to use when nursing your nails back to health. I use both the Nail Tek Protection Plus III and the Nail Tek Foundation II, which is a great base coat. Pictured below is Frostbite from the China Glaze Ski Collection. I don’t think it’s a new color, but this is one of my new favorite polishes that I rock on a regular basis. For some reason I am currently addicted to various shades of blue (and pink when I am feeling really girly). I love this color because it looks very pretty on both light and dark skin tones. Be sure to check it out…So fab!

For a top coat I’ve been using Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Top Coat. It makes my polish look ultra shiney and it dries really quickly. However, my polish does not last for more than two days at a time. I tried the Seche Vite with both expensive (i.e. OPI and OPI for Sephora) and inexpensive polishes(i.e. Color Club and China Glaze) and I simply can never make it pass two days without my polish chipping. I don’t know if I can totally blame this on Seche Vite but until I find a better top coat, Seche Vite it is!!


Be sure to check out China Glaze’s new Crackle Collection at: The Crackle nail polishes are used to create a “crackle” design on your nails and must be used on top of a base color (any nail color you choose). If you normally go to the nail salon and spend tons of money on nail art, this would be a great investment for you. This collection consists of 6 awesome colors: Lightening Bolt (White), Crackled Concrete (Grey), Black Mesh (Black), Crushed Candy (Pink), Broken Hearted (Light Blue), and Fault Line (Purple). The Crackle line is comparable to OPI’s Shatter nail polish, which is sold out everywhere. I am a big China Glaze fan so I ordered a few of the colors today on…I will keep you all posted as to how these polishes turn out!

21 thoughts on “New Year, New Nail Polish!

  1. Manda says:

    Great Post! I am very happy to hear that China Glaze has a dupe to the O.P.I Black Shatter. And the different colors and pricing make it a GREAT deal :0)

    Thanks for sharing, and keep the FAB posts coming!

  2. MekaLove says:

    Great tips! You mentioned keeping your face beat; have any make up how to’s?

  3. Mz. B says:

    I love how you offered inexpensive ways to really add jazz to your personal style. And yes I feel really sexy when my nails are freshly painted I feel more put together. Do you typically have your nails match your makeup? Or does it depend on how you feel on a given day?

    • Kelli Nicole says:

      Absolutely not!! I suppose that there may be some days when my make-up and polish happen to match, but I do not do that intentionally…My polish and my make-up all depends on how I am feeling on that particular day.

  4. Kerri Johnson says:

    I’ll have to try that.

  5. D.Blackwealth says:

    Good Post…not practical for me, but I can definitely forward the link.

  6. Chimere says:

    Great Posting! I’ve been using Nail Tek forever and it is irreplaceable. Downside, it’s pretty expensive. I’ve been able to find it cheaper in some beauty supply stores. Any other suggestions?

    • Kelli Nicole says:

      If you buy Nail Tek in most beauty supply stores, they are definitely expensive. The woman who does my eyebrows used to sell it in her salon for $6, but she has been out of stock for quite some time now. I recently purchased some from Ebay and it was a buy one, get one free type of deal. You can also find Nail Tek on Head 2 Toe Beauty’s website: I buy most of my polish from this site now and they deliver your order pretty quickly via UPS. I would also check out Amazon…I’m sure they have some independent sellers on there that have Nail Tek at a cheaper rate. I hope this helps!!

  7. Keisha says:

    So, Kelli what do you suggest for my nails. You know my nails grow if I treat them right. So I would just need something to keep them strong and prevent them from splitting.

    • Kelli Nicole says:

      Keisha, I know your nails are naturally long so you wouldn’t have to do much. I’d say keep them shaped and polished with a nail strengthener. I would recommend that you use a glass or crystal nail file as opposed to a regular emery file. Glass nail files aren’t as harsh on your nails, they are designed to keep your nails from chipping and cracking, and they last a really long time so you would only need to buy one (unless, of course, you lose it). As for nail strengtheners, I’ve already recommended Nail tek, but I also use Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails, which will help you to avoid splitting.

  8. jay says:

    what about sumthing for the guys.Can we get a topic?

  9. Kunbi says:

    I actually got the crackle polish in that robins egg blue and I love it! 🙂

  10. Talesha says:

    Nail Life from Sallys Beauty Supply is a good nail strengthener, I prefer it over Nail Tek.
    To get an extra day or 2 with natural nails that are polished, make sure you take a cotton swab with alcohol on each nail, as oils under the nail polish is what keeps it from sticking.

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