Crackle Glaze

As promised, I wanted to tell you guys about my experience with Crackle Glaze. I love it!! Pictured below is the Black Mesh Crackle Glaze on top of Sexy in the City. Mistakingly though, I painted my pinky and ring fingers with a regular black polish (Liquid Leather by China Glaze) before I realized that it wasn’t the Crackle Glaze. Lol…Obviously, the bottles look very similar. Either way, I love the way my nails turned out…Take a peek below:


One quick tip is that you should wait until your base color is completely dry before applying Crackle Glaze. Also, it initially looks a little dry, but once you put a top coat on top of it, it will be ultra shiney and both the base color and the Crackle Glaze will pop even more.

Secondly, I’ve recently spoken with a manicurist who told me that Creative Nail Design is the best brand to go to for base and top coats. To ensure that your polish lasts, try the Creative Sticky Base Coat and the Creative Super Shiney Top Coat!! Please let me know how these work for you, I will certainly be trying them as well…Smooches!

One thought on “Crackle Glaze

  1. Manda says:

    I am now hooked on the crackle glaze! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful product, because it is truly eye catching. Everywhere I go people are amazed that I didn’t go to a nail salon to get the crackle effect… lol

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