Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview (Part II)

Okay…I finally have something for the fellas! I normally focus on women’s accessories, but I thought I would give you guys some information that you can actually use! Nordstrom has some greats deals for you guys in their upcoming Anniversary Sale!! Enjoy:

Every man needs a Michael Kors Timepiece!

Burberry Eyewear

True Religion Jeans

And a Diesel One! Lol

Seven Jeans

Who Doesn't Like Boss?!

Lacoste Tee...Gotta love a man in a v-neck tee!

Boss Billfold

Carrera Eyewear

Diesel V-Neck Tee

For some reason I am loving this cardigan...

Image Credits: Nordstrom


4 thoughts on “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview (Part II)

  1. D... says:

    You know, I hadn’t even looked at the boys. Awful me…

  2. Blackwealth says:

    That Kors watch is dope, do you know what the backing is made of? I can’t wear anything sterling or with hint’s of nickel in it. I would rock this….it matches my phone. lol.

  3. Kelli Nicole says:

    Mr. Blackwealth, it’s made of Gunmetal ion-plated stainless steel/silicone/mineral crystal…No nickel! But you may want to double check with Nordstrom to make sure…

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