UD 15-Year Anniversary Palette

Many bloggers and Youtubers have been raving about Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. However, UD recently released their fall collection, which includes the 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette that just might trump the Naked Palette everyone has been so obsessed with. This palette includes a range of shadows from bright, deep, pigmented colors to neutral, bronze tones…Perfect for those of you who are a bit more bold and daring when it comes to eye makeup. It is more veratile than the Naked Palette, which was meant for a more natural look, and it’s going for about $55. Check it out below: 

You can pick this up on UD’s website: http://www.urbandecay.com/15-year-anniversary-eyeshadow-collection/308,default,pd.html 

 Image Credits: Urban Decay

3 thoughts on “UD 15-Year Anniversary Palette

  1. Kerri says:

    This will be one that I pickup for sure!

  2. rebecca says:

    Hi Kelli! Rebecca here ust dropping by to answer your comment on my blog. Thanks for following 🙂
    After my post this morning I got a LOT of questions about stamping – so I am in the process of writing up a big post on stamping. I plan on posting it tomorrow morning! It will talk all about where to get them and the best ones to get.
    If you’re impatient – check out http://www.wowsocool.com for Konad, Amazon for Bundle Monster, and Born Pretty for knock-off Konad and generic plates including the Hello Kitty plate!
    And don’t forget eBay – you can get a lot of plates there for cheap too.
    And don’t forget to get a stamper and scraper! (Get a plastic scraper – not a metal one.)

    I hope this and my post tomorrow will help!!

    (P.S. The UD palette you posted is calling to me! Lately I have been drooling over UD but I haven’t gone as far as buying… yet.)

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