Color Club: Back to Boho Collection

Okay, I know that I’ve talked about nail polish a lot in my last couple of posts, but what can I say?! Nail polish is an accessory too! Lol…Anyway, since we are still talking about Fall, I thought I’d show you guys a collection that I think is perfect for those of you who don’t have any Fall colors in your collection yet. Here is Color Club’s Back to Boho Collection. I am sure that I am totally late on this one, but I had to tell you guys about it! Unfortunately, I already own very similar colors so I only purchased one polish from this collection (New Bohemian). Check them all out below:

 Row One (From Left to Right): Nomadic in Nude, Earthy Angel, New Bohemian, Shabby Drab, Rad Nomad, and Red-ical Gypsy.

Row Two (From Left to Right): Boho Mojo, N0uveau Vintage, Voo Doo You Do, Artsy Crafty, Blue-Topia, and Rebel Spirit.

I especially love the metallics and the nude shades. Be sure to Google the names so that you can see how each colors look on actual nails. I discovered all of these on Head2ToeBeauty… As you already know, that is my favorite place to purchase this brand as well as many other brands that are hard to find in local stores.

Also be sure to check out their Beyond the Mistletoe and Back Stage Pass Collections if you are looking for glitter polishes that may be similar to the  ones in Deborah Lippman’s collection. Their Foiled Collection also has some pretty hot colors too! Happy Shopping!! XOXO

Image Credits: Head2ToeBeauty and MyLipsButBetter.

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