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My sisters and I

Hey y’all!! I just wanted to quickly take some time out to let all of my readers know that I am so thankful for your support!! I started this blog almost 10 months ago and I am loving it!! The blog world is still pretty new to me but I’ve interacted with some incredible bloggers that unknowingly have taught me a lot.

Today I will be with my parents, sisters and brothers as well as my nieces and nephews. I am looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying everyone’s company. I am soooo thankful to be able to spend time with my family, as not everyone is so fortunate. This week has been particularly trying for us, but we are blessed regardless.

I pray that God will come to the aid of those in need who may not have anywhere to go, and I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving! Smooches! XOXO


Fav Fragrances

My Favorite Perfumes:

  • Gucci Guilty – Gucci
  • Acqua di Gioia – Giorgio Armani
  • Miss Pucci – Emilio Pucci
  • Viva La Juicy – Juicy Couture

Each of these fragrances has a unique scent that I love! I reach for these perfumes every single day. I love that they are such fresh scents that aren’t too overpowering…

As you saw on the previous post, Lust List, Flowerbomb is on my current wish list, but I am also craving Chloe’s perfume as well. What fragrances are lusting after at the moment??

Lust List

I am currently lusting after:

Trina Trunk Blazer

Flower Bomb Perfume

HRH Collection Sheik Necklace

Deborah Lippman Polish in Glitter in the Air

MJ Turnlock Shine Shifty Satchel

MJ Double Knit Wool Jacket

MJ Classic Q Baby Aiden Satchel

Image Credits: and HRH Collection

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Try This: Celeb Make-Up Trends

The majority of the time I wear the same make-up look every single day…So I’ve been looking to broaden my horizons and thought I’d share some of the make-up looks I’d like to try with you all. Of course, for some of these looks I would have to adjust the colors to fit my skintone, but am loving these looks nonetheless. Check them out below…

Natural Looks:

Bold Lips:

Playing Up the Eyes:

Image Credits:

Quick Post: Revlon’s Starry Pink

Revlon has come out with three glitter polishes: Starry Pink, Facets of Fuchsia, and Blue Mosaic. I am still debating about purchasing the Blue Mosaic…Not sure that it would suit me, but I did purchase both the Starry Pink and the Facets of Fuchsia. Here are some swatches of Starry Pink, which I am loving:

I will post some swatches of the Facets of Fuchsia later…Enjoy! XOXO

Daily Reads: Nail Blogs

I’m not sure when this phenomenon began, but nail blogs are absolutely amazing!! Only in the past couple of months have I discovered them and there is one in particular that I love. The only disadvantage is that it’s written in French! Lol…So don’t be alarmed if you click on PSHIIIT, and cannot understand a single word on the site. However, the photos are always on point! Anywhooo, here are the nail blogs I follow most frequently:

I get a lot of nail color and design ideas from looking at these sites. These ladies are amazing!! Enjoy! XOXO

*BTW, if you are interested in learning how Pshiiit designed her nails in the photo above, check out her Youtube video here:

Image Credits:

Daily Reads : Fashion/Beauty

Believe it or not, I read several blogs every single day! I am absolutely obsessed with them. On my iPad, I have shortcuts on my homepage to my favorite fashion and beauty blogs so that I can conveniently click on the icon that takes me directly to the websites. I also have shortcuts to nail blogs, which have been my most recent obsession (but I will discuss those in the next post). I am going to list my favorite fashion/beauty blogs below, and hopefully you will find at least one site that interests you:

BTW, these aren’t listed in any particular order…I visit them quite frequently for info and inspiration. In my next post I’ll talk about my favorite nail blogs. I was thinking about starting one myself, but perhaps that will be a venture for 2012 after I am done with my thesis!! Enjoy!! XOXO

Image Credits:

Accessory Haul/Video

Here is my accessory video…

Here are some up close pictures of the jewelry I mentioned in the video from 4NXChange located in Washington, D.C.:

Traffic Stopper Copper

I am so in love with OPI’s Traffic-Stopper Copper. I had no idea what colors I should wear under this glitter, but I thought I should try a neutral color so I used Misa’s Whimsical Wish…

What like about this glitter is that it isn’t overpowering and doesn’t deposit too much glitter on to your nail. I’m sure you could get more glitter on your nails if you apply more than one coat, but I wanted it to look subtle. These pictures actually don’t do this polish the best justice, but it turned out pretty cute:

This glitter also looks nice with really pale pink colors…Loves it! XOXO

Half-Yearly Sale: Nordstrom

Okay ladies and gents, it’s about that time again! Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale begins today!! My Mom and I have decided that we’re going to check it out tomorrow evening after work, but I’ve already scoped out the scenes on and there are some amazing deals on timepieces, shoes and many other accessories…Be sure to check it out before all the good stuff is gone. Happy Shopping!! XOXO

Image credits: Nordstrom