Feenin’ For Fall

Normally, in the midst of Spring I long for Summer and yet, at this point in the Summer, I cannot wait for Fall! Especially after we received that crazy random hurricane/tornado here in Maryland last Friday night I am really feenin’ for cooler weather. That storm was absolutely insane! 65 mile per hour winds, rain flying sideways, and no power for several days. Can you say hot burning mess!? So glad that is finally just a memory…Anywhoo, the weather during Summer is just too hot for me. I mean, I can’t even keep my hair straight in this heat! Thank God for sunshine, but I wish we could have 50-70 degree weather all year around.

My fall fever really kicked in when I was flipping through the Nordstrom Anniversary sale catalog and saw some of the cutest boots and scarves. I am also a sucker for blazers and jackets with interesting cuts…Fall fashions are always so inspiring and cozy…Only a couple of months left in this heat…Thank God!! XOXO

Here are some Fall looks I found on Pinterest that I am loving:

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One thought on “Feenin’ For Fall

  1. Channing says:

    I start itching for Fall clothing right around now, too. Such cute looks!

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