Back to Black

I dyed my hair jet black a couple of weeks ago, and I am loving it! For some reason I feel like my hair looks healthier when its all black. It seems like when you have color in your hair even minuscule damage is magnified! I only had highlights for a couple of months, but I just grew tired of that look. Felt like I needed to work hard to pull it off (that was probably all in my head but oh well…Lol). I liked the highlights, but I was ready for a change…back to black I go (went)!

What hair colors are you guys into? Ever had any dye hick-ups? If so, post a comment. I’d love to hear about it!

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4 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. mekalove says:

    Gorgeous locks. I’m a red head now and i’m LOVING IT! Have been wearing my natural brownish black hair with no color for more than 8 years. Wanted a change and this new color is AMAZING. (sorry, no photo). I’m actually going back this weekend to add high and low lights.

    Dye hick-up: Last dye job 8 years ago went to get highlights, stylist used foil when bleaching my hair and adding the color. Maybe a week later while running my hand through my hair I felt my first patch of baldness on my nape line. More patches were to follow. I was mortified.

    • Kelli Nicole says:

      I’m sure the red looks nice. I think you def need a change every now and then. I usually do color or a cut!

      Came out in patches?! OMG that is horrible!! I think bleach is the devil!! That is one thing I love about my hair dresser, Sade, she does not use bleach in my hair for coloring. I would have been horrified if that happen that last time I got color (or anytime for that matter)! Lol…Thanks for sharing!!

  2. mekalove says:


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