Celebrating My Black History: Emma Ray

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In the interest of celebrating Black History month, I thought that I would discuss one of my style muses…My grandmother. She died back in the early 90s so I didn’t have much time to enjoy her, but I always cherish the memories she has left behind.

Emma Ray was a firecracker…And her style was just as sassy as her personality. I love looking back at photographs of her and incorporating her style into my own…I suppose that it’s my way of paying homage.

Emma Ray 1

My granny really represented for us brown skin girls and she always had such a beautiful figure (sure wish I had her shape now! Lol). She was infamous for wearing long earrings and carrying big clutch purses. She loved to wear those sexy pantyhose that had the black seam going up the back of the leg.

And boy did she love her red nails…She always had long beautiful nails too. Even once she had gotten much older, she would ask me to paint her nails and toes red. Every time I think about that I chuckle to myself because now I know where my nail polish obsession came from.

Emma Ray 2

Those cheek bones…And how hot is her clutch sitting on the bar?!

Its so funny because I never thought my Mom looked like my grandmother until recently…She is just as beautiful and stylish as grandma. Do you ever look at the women in your family, or even outside of your family and think to yourself, “Wow, I want to be like that when I get older”?

If it wasn’t for women like this, we (as young black women) would not be as fortunate as we are today. Unfortunately, both of my grandmothers have passed on, but if yours is still alive, please appreciate her and value the time that you have with her. I really do miss mine….

Stay tuned, as I will probably do another post on my other grandmother (sometime this month) who was also a forced to be reckoned with back in her day. Lol…I hope you all enjoyed this post. Be blessed. xx

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating My Black History: Emma Ray

  1. Kerri says:

    I miss Grandma! Nice post Kelly, you got me tearing over here.

  2. Wanda Staples says:

    Well, you know I am crying. I miss Ma and Nan too.

  3. Keisha says:

    Aww, you guys….good post Kelli……

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