Bubble Gum Mani

I was in Ulta last week (the new one out in Gambrills, Maryland…better known as Crofton, MD) and I stumbled upon this Revlon color. Not only is it an adorable pink, but it smells like raspberries. I don’t know where I have been, but I didn’t even realize that Revlon had a line of scented nail polishes. How adorable?!

Check out the swatches of this creamy fuchsia pink polish below:

Revlon - Bubble Gum

Since I am a sucker for pink nail polish, I thought I would give Bubble Gum a go. The formula was great…Not too thick and not too thin. In the pictures above I used two coats and topped it off with Orly’s Second Dry top coat…Speaking of top coats, I am considering going back to Seche Vite’s Fast Drying Top Coat. Although I get annoyed with it because it gets really thick once you reach the bottom of the bottle, I find that it really makes your nails shine bright like a diamond (I know that was corny but whatevs). My nails look shiny in these pictures but looked a little dull in natural lighting…But I digress….

Back to Revlon’s Bubble Gum…You can find this puppy in any local drugstore that sells Revlon products for anywhere between $4-$6.

Are you guys a sucker for pink nails too? I was just telling one of my friends last night that I have a wide range of blues, pinks and greens, from the lightest to the darkest, in my nail polish collection. Lol…

BTW I picked up a few colors from China Glaze’s Avant Garden collection…Would you guys like me to swatch them all at the same time or in separate posts? Let me know! xx

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3 thoughts on “Bubble Gum Mani

  1. Farrah says:

    This color is so pretty, I think I need to head to my Walgreens to see if I can find it. I really enjoy reading your blog:)

  2. Kari says:

    How do you like the Crofton Ulta vs the Columbia one? My family and I just moved back to the area and I was excited to see one in Crofton. I’ve yet to stop by without having kids in tow.

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