Black + White


These Spring trends are really giving me life! Although I am sometimes obsessed with crazy accessories, I like for my clothes to look classic and sleek…And nothing is more classic than the Black & White trend. If I could wear black leather pants or black jeans with a white v-neck tee and a blazer (in black, cobalt blue, leopard or a floral print) on a daily basis I certainly would.

I love that this trend can stand alone, but isn’t limited to one look. One could add various colors and patterns to it to add a bit of sass to it. Surprisingly, it can also be mixed and matched with the other two Spring 2013 trends I’ve already mentioned (i.e. mint green and transparent accessories).

Check out some of these looks that are killing the trend below:



I pulled these looks from my board on Pinterest (Clothez and Clutchez). The rest of these lovely pieces are from Zara, Urban Outfitters and Jeffrey Campbell. I actually bought the Femme Fatale tee from Urban Outfitters not too long ago and I am in love with it. I think I am going to really enjoy playing around with this trend because I already have several pieces in my closet that will work. I hope you all enjoyed this post! xx

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