Julep Brights (April)


I haven’t ordered a Julep box in months. I was actually considering whether or not I should cancel my membership altogether because I was growing tired of pressing the SKIP button every month. Well, I am glad I didn’t cancel because I am so in love with the bright colors they released this month. Finally, a combination of colors that I like…I am always down for a bright red (Jackie) and pink (Avery) nail color combo so I chose the It Girl box this month. I am normally a Bombshell, but I almost always end up choosing a different box option. This month’s box also featured a nail and cuticle pen, which is right up my alley (not pictured).

I also added two more colors to my box. A bright blue (Ally) and a bright turquoise (Lena). I only had time to swatch Lena, but I am actually loved all of the colors. Lena is a creamy turquoise green with a hint of gold shimmer. Unfortunately, the shimmer doesn’t really translate on to the nail. It also is a bit thick. I imagine that it will require some thinner after a number of applications, but I love the color nonetheless.


What do you guys think of my color selections? Are you subscribed to Julep? If you would like to sign up, here is a referral link here. I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about Julep, let me know. xx

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One thought on “Julep Brights (April)

  1. Wanda Staples says:

    I love all but the red ( I just do not like red nail polish).

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