The Graduation Dress


Although I totally waited until the last minute, I finally found some dress options for graduation. My bestie and I went to the Zara in downtown DC and scored these two dresses on Wednesday. I personally like the pink one more than the yellow, but I ultimately could not decide between the two. They were only about $60 each so I bought both, and figured that I would make a final decision later.

Graduation Looks - Zara

Even though these dresses are very similar,  everyone I’ve asked seems to gravitate toward the yellow one. I really wanted to wear the pink, but I think finding shoes to go with the pink dress would be quite a hassle with such a short amount of time left (only a week).  I think it will be a thousand times easier to find a shoe/clutch combo that will match the yellow dress instead. I plan to head out later on today to see what I can find.

What do you guys think? Which dress do you all like best? What kind of shoe (color/style) would you wear with them?

As we get closer to the date, I am getting more and more excited about graduation. Going to pick up my cap and gown on Monday. Yippie!!! Hope you all have a blessed weekend! xx

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7 thoughts on “The Graduation Dress

  1. xobeauty says:

    I saw that dress at zara and sooo wanted to get it (the yellow one) It’s so cute!!

  2. Nak says:

    Loving the yellow.

  3. kncheyneyu says:

    I like the peach one! Congratulations lady! You’re going to beautiful in either one!

  4. Keisha says:

    I would have to see them on to help with this decision…..

  5. Farrah says:

    I like the pink dress with the small cutout!!!

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