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Sugar Fix: The Texturized Manicure


Everyone seems to be going crazy over these texturized manicures so I thought I would see what all the hype was about. I purchased Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat in Sugar Fix (white) and tried my hand at this manicure. I think the look is cute if you want to try something different. I would probably wear these if I was going to a fun fashionable event or if I just felt like switching my nail polish game up a bit, but I doubt that I would wear something like this on a daily basis. I also should have chosen a different color (blue, green, coral, something…) as opposed to white. Sometimes white nail polish can look very harsh on darker complexions:



In these swatches I only used one coat and the nail polish dried pretty quickly. You do not need a top coat (obviously), and the color comes off very easily with regular nail polish remover. No excessive scrubbing needed! Be sure to only apply one coat for this look. Even though the instructions state that you should apply two thin coats, if you apply two, the nail polish will not dry to look like these swatches, it will look clumpy…at least, that was my experience.

Overall, I think the texturized look is a cool concept, but  I don’t think this look is something I would wear often. First, I don’t really care for matte nails. I’m old school, I like my nails to shine bright! Because of the fact that this particular nail polish is textured, white and matte, it makes your hands look a bit dry even if they aren’t, which is a major problem for me!

Be sure to check out other texture mani option from brands such as OPI (Liquid Sand), Zoya (Pixie Dust), China Glaze (Texture), Milani (Texture), etc. Although I don’t LOVE this mani I do like it. I also want to try to Zoya Pixie Dust because those are infused with a bit of glitter, which may add some pizazz.

Have any of you tried any of the texturized manicures? If so, let me know your thoughts…

I hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a great week…BTW: 3 more days until the weekend! WhooHoo! xx

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Living for the Weekend…


I dread Mondays…I am getting to the point where I LIVE for the weekend! Right now my day job is so incredibly busy (I am a Financial Aid Counselor and we are now processing loans for the upcoming academic year) that I really do look forward to waking up and having absolutely nothing to do for two whole days!

I’ve finally gotten settled in my place, and this space right here is probably my favorite (well, I also love the kitchen, but I digress). That accent wall is everything! I haven’t put any paintings or anything up yet, but this is my happy place right now. I love sitting on the couch with my laptop, surfing the net while I watch ratchet television shows…

My sectional is so comfortable, I never want to get off of it. In fact, my place is so comfy I only left out this weekend to run a few errands, and I came right back in the house. And now that I am back at work today my phone won’t stop ringing…Ugh…But I thank God for a job!

Happy Monday folks! Hope everyone has a blessed week! xx

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Midis and Rainbow Honeys…


So I discovered an Indie nail polish site last week and felt compelled to try out this gorgeous mint color I saw on She arguably has the best nail blog ever, but I digress…When I saw this color combo on her, I had to try it.

Let me introduce you all to Mint Flavor from Rainbow Honey Cosmetics, which is a company that makes custom blended nail polishes. You all know how much I love my mint green polishes, right? Well, Mint Flavor is right up my alley. This isn’t a traditional mint creme nail polish, this one has a gorgeous shimmer. Adorbs! Side Note: Adorbs is short for adorable and is my new favorite word…I can’t stop saying it…Lol

And of course, I couldn’t just try one nail polish, I had to try at least two…Lol…So I also purchased this neon glitter called Magic Cake. What an appropriate name. I feel like I have funfetti cake on my ring finger.

Who would have thought that something so insignificant like nail polish (to others, obviously not to me) could bring you so much joy?! I love glitter because it makes you feel like you have an actual design on your nails without having to endure the hassle of nail art.


Last, but certainly not least, how cute is this midi ring from Urban Outfitters?! Adorbs!

I hope you all enjoyed this post…If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. Talk to you all soon! xx

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview: Accessories

I took a trip to the Nordstrom in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday evening with my Mom, and was not wowed by much of what I saw. She left out of the store with 4 items and I left out with none! Shocking, isn’t it?! Lol…There are a handful of things that I liked but wasn’t willing to buy. One item that I am still contemplating is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet, which I’ve included below.

I was expecting to purchase a rose gold watch (the best looking one in the sale is listed below as well), but a lot of the sale options this year looked cheap. Not sure what that is about but whatevs…But as far as accessories go, here is a preview of some things I thought you all may like:


Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Leather Tote – $352.90



Rebecca Minkoff “Cupid” Satchel (Medium) – $329.90


Halogen Zip Around Wallet – $64.90


Marc by Marc Jacobs Vertical Zippy Leather Wallet – $138.90


Vince Camuto “Max” Leather & Calf Hair Crossbody Bag (Small) – $118.90


Marc by Marc Jacob “Blade” Crystal Index Watch


Furla “Papermoon” Satchel (Medium) – $265.90

Remember the sale is open to the public as of July 19th. If you find some things you like, let me know! Talk to you all soon! xx

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Fashionistas Read Too: Inferno


The other day I was sitting outside on my lunch break enjoying the sunshine, and I decided to post this picture on Instagram (follow me @Alwayzkel). The caption read: Some of My Favorite Things: Fashion, Fiction and Fantasy…Outside of flipping through fashion magazines and reading other blogs, I really enjoy reading and writing.  Both are such a relaxing pass time for me.

I wanted to tell you all about a book I am reading right now, which is Dan Brown’s Inferno. The main thing that I love about it is that it keeps me on the edge of my seat, and every time I complete a chapter I am PRESSED to get to the next one. Every chapter drives the plot forward. The other thing that I love about this book is that the chapters are super short. Kudos to Dan Brown for that!

Basically, the protagonist, Robert Langdon, wakes up in a hospital and has no recollection of the previous day. He quickly learns that an organizations/group of people are after him and he is forced to go on a wild goose chase of sorts in order to preserve his life while, simultaneously, cracking a secret code. On his journey through Florence, Italy, he finds clues that help him to figure out what’s really going on. He also has a side kick, Sienna, who adds an interesting twist to things.

Although the book is sometimes daunting because of all the Italian words, it is definitely a page turner, ladies! I’ll be sure to let you all know what I think about it once I am done reading it, but for now I am just enjoying this fictional ride.

Have you all read any of Dan Brown’s books before? If so, I am curious to know what you think about Robert Langdon’s character? Are you reading any other books? Please share! I am always looking for books to read or listen to…

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xx

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Mint Leopard Remix

IMG_5542Nail polish is such a fun accessory, I just can’t stay away from it. I bought this OPI color a few weeks ago, but it was so difficult to photograph I never posted it here on the blog. I figured if I placed it in front of a contrasting color/print it would show up better. And sure enough, it is showing up true to color here.

Ulta was having a sale on OPI polishes, buy 2 and get 1 free, so I snagged this one, which had been on my wish list for quite some time. It’s called Gargantuan Green Grape. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous mint green. Everyone is obsessing over Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, which is nice, but I like the formula on this one better. Plus the color doesn’t look as chalking, in my opinion. You’ll need about three thin coats for the color to be opaque.


If you’re curious about the wallet, I bought it last year during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale. This Halogen wallet is a year old but is still one of my favorites.

BTW, this year Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale begins on July 19th, but for Nordstrom cardholder’s the early access to the sale begins tomorrow. Therefore, I’ll be spamming you guys with previews of the goodies once I’ve had a chance to scope the scenes! Talk to you all soon! xx

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How To Shop For Nail Polish


Here are some tips and tricks that I find useful when shopping for nail polish…

Before You Buy:

  • Google It! – Whether I am buying nail polish in the store or online, I always check Google images so that I can see the various swatches of the color I am interested in. In a lot of cases, you can find swatches of nail colors online. Keep in mind that colors sometimes look different depending on the lighting. This usually helps me to determine if I will like a color in both sunlight and/or natural light. The only drawback to this option is if the nail color is new and no one has had a chance to swatch it yet, you won’t be able to find it. Nonetheless, when buying nail polish you aren’t sure about, this works like a charm.
  • Check Out Nail Blogs – There are tons of blogs dedicated to nail polish! Nail bloggers usually get the newest collections swatched and up on their blog long before the nail polishes launch (and sometimes just after they launch). Here are some of my favorites: Peachy Polish, Enamel Girl, The Swatchaholic, The Nail Network, Lucy’s Stash, and Let Them Have Polish. Be sure to check them out!
  • Check Social Media sites – Who isn’t posting pictures of their nails on Instagram (IG)?! You can search through hashtags (#) (i.e. #nails, #nailswag, #nailpolish, etc.) to see what’s new with everyone’s nails on IG. If you have a favorite nail polish brand you can search according to the brand name as well (i.e. #zoya, #opi, #chinaglaze, etc.).

Purchasing Time:

I know you all have heard me discuss Head2ToeBeauty on many occasions, but they are not the only source for discounted nail polish. You can also visit Ebay, Amazon, and TransDesign. On Head2ToeBeauty and TransDesign, shipping can sometimes be a bit pricey (I’ve paid $7-$8 on Head2ToeBeauty), but the nail polishes are so cheap you can’t beat the discount. Other places that sometimes offer great deals on nail polish are retail stores such as Target, Ulta and Walmart.

I hope you all enjoyed this post…Happy nail polish shopping! xx