Fashionistas Read Too: Inferno


The other day I was sitting outside on my lunch break enjoying the sunshine, and I decided to post this picture on Instagram (follow me @Alwayzkel). The caption read: Some of My Favorite Things: Fashion, Fiction and Fantasy…Outside of flipping through fashion magazines and reading other blogs, I really enjoy reading and writing.  Both are such a relaxing pass time for me.

I wanted to tell you all about a book I am reading right now, which is Dan Brown’s Inferno. The main thing that I love about it is that it keeps me on the edge of my seat, and every time I complete a chapter I am PRESSED to get to the next one. Every chapter drives the plot forward. The other thing that I love about this book is that the chapters are super short. Kudos to Dan Brown for that!

Basically, the protagonist, Robert Langdon, wakes up in a hospital and has no recollection of the previous day. He quickly learns that an organizations/group of people are after him and he is forced to go on a wild goose chase of sorts in order to preserve his life while, simultaneously, cracking a secret code. On his journey through Florence, Italy, he finds clues that help him to figure out what’s really going on. He also has a side kick, Sienna, who adds an interesting twist to things.

Although the book is sometimes daunting because of all the Italian words, it is definitely a page turner, ladies! I’ll be sure to let you all know what I think about it once I am done reading it, but for now I am just enjoying this fictional ride.

Have you all read any of Dan Brown’s books before? If so, I am curious to know what you think about Robert Langdon’s character? Are you reading any other books? Please share! I am always looking for books to read or listen to…

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xx

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2 thoughts on “Fashionistas Read Too: Inferno

  1. umdterp03 says:

    The book sounds really good. Do I have to read the previous books to read this new one? If not….I’m downloading it today. I need a good read right about now. Thx

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