New Year, New Mantra


There was a short period of time (a few months ago) when I was having anxiety attacks really bad. Every time I laid down to go to sleep, I felt like my heart was pounding so loudly…Due to God’s grace and some medication my anxiety has diminished tremendously. I still get anxious sometimes, and I find that I have to just remind myself that it’s all in my mind. But one thing that has helped is this decal I put up in my living room recently.

Pray About Everything, Worry About Nothing,” has become my mantra. Pushing negative thoughts out has become a daily task for me, but I feel like this keeps me connected to the things that really matter. I feel more grateful now than I ever have in the past. This mantra reminds me that God has my back and that all bad things are not punishment. Sometimes, its just life. And sometimes these sorts of things come along to make you stronger.

As the new year is quickly approaching (it’s New Year’s Eve), I’m not wasting time writing down goals at the last minute because my goals are already set. My main focus is positivity.

 So as you head off to your New Year festivities (please be safe if you are going out), just think about where you would like to see yourself by this time next year. Pray on that and live your life accordingly. That’s the only goal you need…God will do the rest…xx

“Put your feet in someone else’s shoes and you just might stumble. Don’t compare yourself to others because your lifestyle is unique to your life. You’re not perfect, but everyday remind yourself of how far you have come. Keep striding in greatness. But walk in the shoe soles that are meant for you…” – Gentlewoman, Enitan Bereola II

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One thought on “New Year, New Mantra

  1. Kerri says:

    This is funny. Have you seen my recent post? Great minds think alike!

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