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Quick Post: Revlon’s Starry Pink

Revlon has come out with three glitter polishes: Starry Pink, Facets of Fuchsia, and Blue Mosaic. I am still debating about purchasing the Blue Mosaic…Not sure that it would suit me, but I did purchase both the Starry Pink and the Facets of Fuchsia. Here are some swatches of Starry Pink, which I am loving:

I will post some swatches of the Facets of Fuchsia later…Enjoy! XOXO

Another Nail Polish Haul

Hey Ladies!

I decided to try something different with this nail polish haul. I made a video instead of making you read all of my rambling…I hope you all enjoy it…It took me forever just to record and upload and I didn’t even do any editing…Whew!

Here are some pictures as well as the names of the polishes I mentioned:

Colors Names (From Left to Right):

  1. Traffic-Stopper Copper (Sephora by OPI)
  2. Atlantis (China Glaze)
  3. Beyond the Mistletoe (Color Club)
  4. Wish Upon a Rock-Star (Color Club)
  5. Beyond Infinity (Misa)
  6. School of Hard Rocks (Essie)
  7. Masquerading (Color Club)
  8. Quirky Smile (Misa)
  9. New Bohemian (Color Club)
  10. Wild About Shimmer (Sephora by OPI)

All of these polishes are available at Head2ToeBeauty (except for the Sephora polishes, of course).