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Girls Gone Curly

It seems that everyone is going curly now that the weather is changing. I wore my hair curly for two weeks straight (although I have since straightened it), and I must say that it was refreshing to switch up my look. This hair style reminded me of my college days when I first went natural. Back then my hair was super short and curly! Sometimes its just easier to allow your hair to be in its natural state, right?!

When I switch to curly, I use the As I Am shampoo and leave-in conditioner (available at Sally’s Beauty Supply), which instantly makes my hair feel more curly than usual…Amazing!!! I also hear that Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream and Moroccan Oil’s Curl Defining Cream are nice for curly chicks too. Have any of you used those products? If you are natural, what kinds of products do you traditionally use?

Once I wash my hair and massage my leave-in conditioner into it, I take small sections and put them in two strand twists. Most of my hair is super curly, but the front of my hair is wavy so I usually have to twist the front and then roll the ends up with perm rods to mimic the rest of my curls. Does anyone else have this problem? Anywho, if I am pressed for time, I will sit under the dryer to speed up the drying process. Otherwise, I will leave it to dry overnight and untwist it in the morning. While untwisting my hair, I always use some type of grease or oil to make sure that my hair looks moisturized. Then the magic happens! Lol…At night, I twist my hair back up, and I’ve found that my curls look more loose and natural as the days go on.

I see that Hollywood is also going curly for the summer as well. I love these looks:

I think I am going to switch back and forth between straight and curly depending on what I am doing…How will you be wearing your tresses this summer?? XX

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Fight the Frizz!

I don’t know about you ladies, but every single summer I have an issue with my hair! I do not have a perm and my hair is naturally curly, so I can only keep my hair straight IF there is little heat and/or no humidity involved (i.e. Winter and Fall). HOWEVER, I recently went to Myrtle Beach and with all that wind blowing my hair every which way, my roots took on a mind of their own and curled up! I don’t know what it is about Southern heat that makes a black woman’s hair go POOF?! I would have taken a picture for you guys to see what that wind did to my tresses, but I would never post anything on here of me looking a hot burning mess!! NOPE! I digress. Anyway, I just want to know what do most women do with their hair in the summer?!

Now, when I am at home in the summer I can make my hair act right sometimes. What I have to do is wash it, blow dry it straight (using little or no oil/hair spray at all) and flat iron it in very small sections. My hair is a total production! I have to wash it often to avoid build-up that may weigh my hair down making it even more susceptible to frizz. I’ve been using the L’oreal Paris EverStrong Sulfate Free Hydrate Shampoo/Conditioner, which works great on my hair. This shampoo/conditioner combo helps to keep your hair moisturized and I definitely recommend it. I’ve also been using Tresemme’s Heat Tamer consistently to avoid heat damage since I have to put heat in my hair more often in the summer time. Other products that I would recommend are Just For Me ( and yes I use products designed for kiddies with perms) and Garnier Fruitis’ Leave-In Conditioners because they are great for detangling. 

I’m sure whatever you all choose to do with your tresses will look fab! Stay cool and don’t let the humidity get you down!! Smooches!! XOXO