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Style Icon: Kim Kardashian

Okay, I know that the media is oversaturated with the Kardashians as a whole, and I am not exactly a fan of how Kim became famous. However, this chick is absolutely fabulous! She is always groomed, manicured, face beat and hair flowing. She has obviously had some work done, but I can’t be mad at this chick…Her signature lately has been her various Birkin bags (which I love to hate her for! Lol), but all of her accessories are always on point! Loves it!

Her wardrobe alone keeps me intrigued. What do you all think?

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Try This Trend: Black+White+a Pop of Color

Normally, I’ve seen women rock black and white with red shoes, but lately I’ve noticed that celebs are stepping outside of the box. Nowadays, ladies are rocking their black and white with lime greens, blues, nudes and many other colors. Check it out below:

Kim K. rocks lime green pumps with her striped blouse and black pencil skirt

June A. sports a white blazer and black pants with electric blue pumps

Rihanna goes with a trendy nude boot with her black and white striped shirt

This trend is an easy way to switch things up so try it out! Smooches!XOXO