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This Week’s Flix

I am totally obsessed with Instagram. I have been posting pictures like crazy on there. I just wanted to show you all, who are not or cannot follow me, what I have been up to this week.

First, I am doing a challenge on Instagram where I have to post a picture of polishes that I haven’t tried/swatched yet. This is our collective effort to use the polishes we have (especially the ones we haven’t used yet) before buying more polish. Here are some of my swatches thus far:

Color Club's New Bohemian, Julep's Oscar, China Glaze's Sugar High, and Misa's Bikini With A Martini...

Here are all of my untried/haven't swatched nail polishes...I's out of control! Lol...Don't judge me!

Here is another color I swatched before the challenge began:

Orly's Stone Cold...A gorgeous shimmery blue...

I also posted some pictures of a few accessories I purchased this week:

Scarves from TJ Maxx...Perfect for Spring...

A statement ring from Nordstrom Rack...

I'll discuss what I purchased from Nordies and Juicy later on this week...Lol

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!! XOXO

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Traffic Stopper Copper

I am so in love with OPI’s Traffic-Stopper Copper. I had no idea what colors I should wear under this glitter, but I thought I should try a neutral color so I used Misa’s Whimsical Wish…

What like about this glitter is that it isn’t overpowering and doesn’t deposit too much glitter on to your nail. I’m sure you could get more glitter on your nails if you apply more than one coat, but I wanted it to look subtle. These pictures actually don’t do this polish the best justice, but it turned out pretty cute:

This glitter also looks nice with really pale pink colors…Loves it! XOXO

Another Nail Polish Haul

Hey Ladies!

I decided to try something different with this nail polish haul. I made a video instead of making you read all of my rambling…I hope you all enjoy it…It took me forever just to record and upload and I didn’t even do any editing…Whew!

Here are some pictures as well as the names of the polishes I mentioned:

Colors Names (From Left to Right):

  1. Traffic-Stopper Copper (Sephora by OPI)
  2. Atlantis (China Glaze)
  3. Beyond the Mistletoe (Color Club)
  4. Wish Upon a Rock-Star (Color Club)
  5. Beyond Infinity (Misa)
  6. School of Hard Rocks (Essie)
  7. Masquerading (Color Club)
  8. Quirky Smile (Misa)
  9. New Bohemian (Color Club)
  10. Wild About Shimmer (Sephora by OPI)

All of these polishes are available at Head2ToeBeauty (except for the Sephora polishes, of course).

Misa Nail Lacquer

I’ve been using Misa nail polishes recently and I am loving the formula! All of the colors are so pigmented and easy to apply. I find that some polishes are too thick and look sloppy after application, but this formula definitely works. All of the colors I’ve tried really pop. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen this brand sold in stores so if you want to try them you’ll probably have to purchase them online. Check some of the most recent ones that I’ve purchased from Head2Toe:

  1. First Kiss (Classic Color)
  2. The Grass Is Greener On My Side (Look On the Bright Side Collection)
  3. Bikini With a Martini (Look On the Bright Side Collection)
  4. Whimsical Wish (Wishes Collection)
  5. Go For Pinks (Hip To My Jive Collection)
  6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat (Look On the Bright Side Collection)
Also be sure to check out Misa’s latest Surreal Escape Collection! I just discovered it and I am feenin’ for Beyond Infinity, which is somewhat of a dark bluish gray color. I need it in my life!! Anywhoo, if you guys have any questions about these polishes or any other polishes I’ve mentioned feel free to contact me! Smooches!! XOXO