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Jewelry Rut…

Has anyone else been in a jewelry rut?? Perhaps its just me…I used to be able to find cute costume jewelry but recently it has been really difficult. A few weeks ago I purchased a silver and gold spike bracelet from Nordstrom (here) but it tarnished after I had it for one week. A week?! Where they do that at?? The same thing happened when I purchased this Michael Kors bracelet, and I was pissed because that thing was like sixty bucks! What a waste of my duckets!


There have been only a handful of jewelry pieces that have been giving me life lately. My gold Michael Kors watches have been on repeat for a couple of weeks now. I have other watches, but these two are my favorites at the moment.

As for earrings, it has been either studs or hoops. I have a new found appreciation for stud earrings, and I have been wearing these two a lot. Both I purchased at Nordstrom. The spiked ones are from the Nordstrom brand, and the blinged out skulls are from Betsey Johnson. Although I am known for my big ridiculous earrings I haven’t really been feeling them as of late. However, if I am not wearing a stud I am definitely wearing a hoop. These gold hoops are my fav, but I love any variation of big gold hoops.

When it comes to bracelets, I am in love with this shamballa bracelet. There are so many variations of shamballa bracelets, I am tempted to get more than one. I bought this black one from My Bella Couture. It’s a little different than the traditional ones I’ve seen, which is part of the reason why I like it so much. My other bracelet is one that I purchased a while ago when I used to work at Taxco Sterling, a sterling silver jewelry store in Washington, D.C. I love it because it is inspired by the David Yurman cuff bracelets.

Did you notice that most of this jewelry is gold? Yes, I have to admit that I am becoming a bit of a gold fanatic. I LOVE gold right now. We’ll see how long this lasts phase lasts…What do you prefer? Silver or gold? And do you find that even expensive costume jewelry turns way too fast??

BTW, I have my eyes on a few of the Pandora bracelets (black triple /double wrap and oxidized). Do any of you own one? If so, how do you like? The charms you can buy to go on them are super cute.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Talk to you all soon. xx

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My Bella Collection

My fav piece from My Bella…

You all need some My Bella Collection in your life! One of my besties (Manda) first began making beaded bracelets, and now has launched into making customized body accessories. Her slaves bracelets and shoulder harnesses are def my favorite, but all of her pieces are unique and can add a bit of edge to your accessory closet. Check out some of her pieces below:

Clockwise: Honesty Bracelets ($20), Flowing Shoulder Harness ($35), Beaded Bracelets ($30 for set), Shoulder Harness ($35).

Another thing that I love about My Bella is that you can have your pieces customized. Anything sold on the website can be altered to fit you perfectly. The bracelets are typically made to fit a 6″ to 7.5″ wrist.

You can see other pieces like the leg harness, various slave bracelets and body chains on Manda’s website: You can email her your orders at or on the contact page on her website here.

I hope you enjoyed this post…Talk to you all soon! XOXO

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