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10 Nail Blogs You Need To Know About

Lately, I have been obsessing over nail art, and in the process of looking up various swatches and tutorials online I’ve stumbled upon a few nail blogs that I am absolutely in love with…and because I love you guys (gals) so much, I thought I’d share them with you today. Check them out below:






Superchic Lacquer Coming Unblued





I hope you all enjoyed this post and actually check these bloggers out…They are amazing!!

*All photos are from the nail blogs listed in this post*

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How To Shop For Nail Polish


Here are some tips and tricks that I find useful when shopping for nail polish…

Before You Buy:

  • Google It! – Whether I am buying nail polish in the store or online, I always check Google images so that I can see the various swatches of the color I am interested in. In a lot of cases, you can find swatches of nail colors online. Keep in mind that colors sometimes look different depending on the lighting. This usually helps me to determine if I will like a color in both sunlight and/or natural light. The only drawback to this option is if the nail color is new and no one has had a chance to swatch it yet, you won’t be able to find it. Nonetheless, when buying nail polish you aren’t sure about, this works like a charm.
  • Check Out Nail Blogs – There are tons of blogs dedicated to nail polish! Nail bloggers usually get the newest collections swatched and up on their blog long before the nail polishes launch (and sometimes just after they launch). Here are some of my favorites: Peachy Polish, Enamel Girl, The Swatchaholic, The Nail Network, Lucy’s Stash, and Let Them Have Polish. Be sure to check them out!
  • Check Social Media sites – Who isn’t posting pictures of their nails on Instagram (IG)?! You can search through hashtags (#) (i.e. #nails, #nailswag, #nailpolish, etc.) to see what’s new with everyone’s nails on IG. If you have a favorite nail polish brand you can search according to the brand name as well (i.e. #zoya, #opi, #chinaglaze, etc.).

Purchasing Time:

I know you all have heard me discuss Head2ToeBeauty on many occasions, but they are not the only source for discounted nail polish. You can also visit Ebay, Amazon, and TransDesign. On Head2ToeBeauty and TransDesign, shipping can sometimes be a bit pricey (I’ve paid $7-$8 on Head2ToeBeauty), but the nail polishes are so cheap you can’t beat the discount. Other places that sometimes offer great deals on nail polish are retail stores such as Target, Ulta and Walmart.

I hope you all enjoyed this post…Happy nail polish shopping! xx

Daily Reads: Nail Blogs

I’m not sure when this phenomenon began, but nail blogs are absolutely amazing!! Only in the past couple of months have I discovered them and there is one in particular that I love. The only disadvantage is that it’s written in French! Lol…So don’t be alarmed if you click on PSHIIIT, and cannot understand a single word on the site. However, the photos are always on point! Anywhooo, here are the nail blogs I follow most frequently:

I get a lot of nail color and design ideas from looking at these sites. These ladies are amazing!! Enjoy! XOXO

*BTW, if you are interested in learning how Pshiiit designed her nails in the photo above, check out her Youtube video here:

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