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B&N Nook/The Frugalista Files

I recently purchased the Barnes and Noble touchscreen Nook and I am so excited about it. Although I am a huge fan of I decided not to get the Kindle. I’ve found that Barnes and Noble is much more accessible if you need any help with your device. The Nook is tiny, very light weight and extremely easy to read and navigate. They also have some of the most adorable covers to go with it…Check mine out below:

The first book I am reading on my Nook is The Frugalista Files by Natalie McNeal. I stumbled upon this book and her blog in the midst of checking out one of my favorite bloggers who listed McNeal’s site on her daily reads list. When I found out what it was all about, I downloaded a sample of it and since I couldn’t stop laughing, I went ahead and purchased it.

The Frugalista Files is a book on how McNeal was able to get out of debt while still maintaining her fabulous lifestyle. McNeal let’s us in on her saving secrets as well as makes us laugh about her past struggles with spending. The book is written in the form of journal entries so you feel like you’re reading her diary, which is very blunt, genuine and honest. Loves it!!

Check out her blog: