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That’s The Stuff I Don’t Like (Video)

Hey guys! Check out my latest video below. I had to chop it down because I was rambling on and on…Lol…Enjoy!

Talk to you soon. Smooches! xx

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January Favorites

Check out my video to see what I was (and still am) loving in January!

Sidenote: Can anyone tell me how to change the thumbnail on my videos? Maybe I have to add a picture or something…LOL…I am still learning y’all! Don’t judge me! Hahaha…XOXO

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HRH Collection


Hi all! Using the Instagram application on my iPhone, I took some pictures of the recent purchases I made on I found out about the HRH Collection (designed by Alex) on Youtube a few weeks ago and I’ve been hooked every since!! All of her pieces are handmade and the quality of each piece is amazing.

You can even have items custom made. You just have to email her prior to placing your order to make sure that she can actually fulfill your request. Check out the pictures below:

The Packaging

The Cuff Necklace

The Silver Cuff

These statement necklaces make any outfit effortlessly chic!! I love them both so much and wear them all the time now…They offer a lot of versatility as you can rock these with a white tee, blouse, dress, anything!

The Ultra Sleek Charm Bracelet

Close-Up of Charms

The Ultra Sleek Bracelet is just so freakin’ cute. I usually wear it with one of my Juicy Couture charm bracelets.

There’s a few other pieces that I plan on purchasing from this collection, but I am trying to pace myself! Lol

Be sure to visit Alex’s blog at:…This woman’s style is so sick…Gotta love it!! Enjoy! XOXO!!