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Handbag Review: Alexander Wang Rocco


I’ve been living with Alexander Wang, the bag that is, for about three months now and I finally feel like I can give an accurate review of this bag. Let me get straight to the point, it is well worth the money…Sometimes I feel like you really have to live with a bag before you can judge whether or not it works for you. A quick glance in a department store doesn’t always suffice so here are my thoughts on the Alexander Wang Rocco handbag:


  • It is simultaneously chic and edgy. The studs on the bottom of the handbag make it edgy and the quality of the leather makes it chic.
  • The bag is huge, therefore, you could carry an iPad, wallet, makeup bag, cell phone and a bunch of other things in this handbag. There are three pockets on the inside: one large one that zips and two smaller open pockets on the opposite side. These side pockets make it easy to locate your keys or cell phone so that those sorts of items don’t get lost inside the bag (hate when that happens). There are also two smaller pockets on the front of the bag (pictured above) that are great for hiding things from yourself.
  • The pebbled leather is to die for…
  • I love the matte black hardware on this handbag because it makes this Wang timeless. I’ve seen other metals on other Rocco bags and I feel like they are very trendy (i.e. the rose gold hardware), which may or may not be a trend that sticks around.
  • The handbag is black (obviously) so it practically goes with everything and can be worn all year around. And because the hardware is all black you don’t have to worry about mixing metals (I used to be very rigid about all the metals on my accessories matching perfectly so I understand if this a concern for someone).
  • You can carry this bag three ways: on your shoulder, across your body or on your forearm. I like to alternate.
  • It’s different. I have only actually seen one other person with this bag. Beats that Louis Vuitton Speedy that I wish would die and never come back (Seriously, I am so tired of seeing chicks with that bag!).


  • Just because you can fit a million and one things in this bag does not mean that you should! The studs on the bag are a little heavy and if you add a lot of things to your handbag you will have difficulty carrying it (especially if you are going some place like the mall or a museum, for instance, where you will be carrying it the entire time you are out).
  • The only other thing that I have noticed, and I don’t know if this is an issue with other Wang metals, is that the black hardware (and I’m referring to the studs on the bottom) can get scratched so be careful where you place your bag. I know that sounds ridiculous, and no one would notice this but you, however, I would feel bad if I didn’t tell you the entire truth.
  • The price tag…Lol…No explanation needed.

Here are some more images of the satchel:

Wang 1

Overall, I think this handbag is well worth the investment. If you are considering buying one I have a handful of suggestions (and these suggestions can apply to any handbag purchase, really):

  1. Go see the handbag in person. Do not blindly buy it online unless you have already investigated it in person on a separate occasion. Considering the price (retails for $875) you need to get a feel for how the bag is going to look and feel when you are carrying it. Keep in mind that some bags look different on display as opposed to real life. The stuffing can really alter the shape of a bag.
  2. Make sure the bag matches your style. I know that sounds crazy but its true. You need to try the bag on, see if it looks like you. Live with the bag for a little bit.
  3. Don’t impusively purchase. Walk away from the bag, and if you find that you can’t stop thinking about it, and it meets all of your standards then buy it. Walking away from the bag initially will allow you some time to think about whether you REALLY want it. This will save you from buyer’s remorse. If you forget about it then its possible that you don’t really want or need it.
  4. Enjoy it! Buying and wearing accessories are meant to be fun! Adding another piece to your wardrobe, especially if it fits your look, should be exciting.

Okay, I know that was a lot but I hope you all got something out of this post. If you want more information on how to choose the right handbag for you, check out my post on that topic here.

xx, Kel

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What’s In My Wang

I know what you’re thinking…Kel, I thought you said you weren’t going to buy that Alexander Wang bag?! Well, my friends, I saw this puppy in Nordstroms (Tysons Corner, VA.) and I had to have it. Ya’ll know how I do. Lol…I originally wanted the one with the rose gold hardware, but I am so glad I opted for the matte black hardware instead. This bag is everything! I mean, look at that leather, honey!! I am so in love with it…


Alexander Wang Rocco

But since carrying this satchel, I have had to adjust the amount of junk I normally carry. The studs make this bag just a little heavy, so piling a bunch of stuff in here is a big no-no. I reduced the size of my wallet (I had been carrying the big leopard print Halogen one). I pulled out this old Juicy Couture one that I hardly ever use and fell back in love with it. Although its quite compact, I can fit all of my essentials in it.

Below are some other things I’ve been carrying in my satchel recently. As you can see I am usually only concerned about my eyes, lips, and hands. Lol…These TB sunnies have been a staple piece in my 2012 ensemble (I didn’t take them out of the case because you guys have probably seen them a million times since I bought them in July) and I carry them everywhere I go now.

As for the lippies, although I am usually a gloss girl, I have been loving Mac’s matte red lipstick in Ruby Woo. But let me tell you, that stuff is super DRYING! I’ve also been loving this cream lip stain from Sephora because it reminds me a lot of Ruby Woo, but it is also DRYING! I mean, maybe it’s me…Maybe I just have dry lips but sheesh! Therefore, I have to carry this Sugar lip treatment with me at all times. Whenever I go red I have to have some chapstick or something at the ready! I’ve never been a lipstick wearer but red lips are just sexy to me…Despite the hassle…(BTW if you know of a similar color that isn’t drying, please let a sistah in on the secret!)


As for my glosses, Smashbox’s Pulse is my number 1 most worn lip gloss in 2012. This is my second one and I have been wearing it to death! I’ve also been wearing this Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Firefly. If you like shimmer, you will love this one. I like layering it over sheer or nude gloss.

To keep my hands moisturized during this winter, I’ve been using Soap & Glory’s Hand Food. This stuff smells like heaven on your hands. Makes your hands super soft and moisturized without making them greasy. And when my cuticles are looking rough, I always reach for Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. If you like lemons, you will love this stuff as well.

Last but not least, I’ve been carrying this customized business card holder I received from an old boss some years ago. Since one of my goals this year is to network more at blogging events (and in general), I’ve been carrying my blog business cards with me in case I meet anyone who may be interested in Clutchez.

I do carry a little more than this in my handbag, but these are my most recent essentials. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I hope you all have  a blessed weekend! xx

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Here are a handful of items that I am currently craving…

Handbags: Phillip Lim Satchel, Alexander Wang Satchel (with Rose Gold Hardware), and Michael Kors Tote. Nail Polish: Nars Thakoon Collection, Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow and Christian Dior’s St Tropez (401). Jewelry: Tory Burch’s Logo Wrap Bracelets, Stud Earrings and Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold/Neon Bracelet. Shoes: Steve Madden Leopard Print Sandals.

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