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4 More Years! & I’m Back!

Hey folks!! I’ve really missed you all over the past month or so. But before I get into what’s going on with me, I have to say congratulations to our President, Barack Obama for securing another term. Words cannot express how elated I am that Obama will be remaining in office. Cheers to moving FOURward!!

Yesterday was an amazing day for me. Not only because my Prez was re-elected, but also because my thesis was finally approved by my department and uploaded for online publication! I thought that completing the research and the written portion of the thesis was tough but editing the format was just as tedious. I had to go through multiple levels of approvals, and at some points wasn’t sure that I was going to make it.  However, by the grace of God I was able to finish! I received an A- on my thesis, and I will officially be done with school this December (walking across the stage in May 2013)!

In case anyone is interested in the topic of my thesis, it’s entitled Octavia Butler’s Examination of Religious Values and the Human Condition in America. Butler was a black science fiction writer I met while I was studying at Howard University. My thesis focuses on her series she wrote back in the 1990s, Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents. Trust, you need to read these books!! She was a visionary and many of the things that she wrote about in her novels are occurring in American today, which is why I found these novels so intriguing…

Anywhoo…While focused on graduating, so many other things have fallen by the wayside so now I am pulling it together and trying to make things happen. I have so much in store for the site and am excited to get back to what I love to do: blogging…Stay tuned for more posts this week and some changes in the near future! God Bless!! XOXO

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