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Shopaholics I Met and Liked…

Since I love to write, I am always on the prowl for new journals. I was flipping through my Lucky Magazine the other day when I came across these adorable journals. They are available in an array of colors, sizes and quotations. The ones that caught my eye were quoted, “Shopaholics I Met and Liked” and “Fashionistas I Met and Liked.” I think these journals are gorge and once I received them in the mail yesterday,  I had to make them a part of the decor on my bookshelf:

Initially, I found these journals on http://www.jasperandblack.com, but I actually purchased them two from Amazon for $10 each. If you actually want to write in these journals (LOL), they’re ideal for jotting down notes.  The pages are blank and the journals are small enough to toss into your handbag or tote if you want something to write in with while you’re out and about. I’m positive that I will end up writing in these babies eventually…

Here are some additional pictures of the journals from the Jasper and Black site:

Last Three Image Credits: Jasper and Black

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