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Viachic: Closet Organization 101

Hey gals!! Today I am doing something a little different. Here is a guest post from Kim over at Viachic, which is a closet organization company here in the DMV area. I sent Kim some questions and she provided some great advice on how to organize your clothes and accessories…Check out her article below:

1.   What are some ways that one can maximize their space if they have a small closet?

My advice to maximize space in your small closet is: Go through everything you own. Make a donate pile, throw away pile, fix up pile (for pieces that need buttons sewn on, holes repaired, frays scissored off) and resale pile. Throw away stuff you have already used the full value of. Chuck out the ratty, faded unflattering $5 t-shirt.

Reselling your clothes to a trading or consignment store is INSTANT cash in your pocket, no annoyance of taking pictures and sending packages like ebay or craigslist.  Once you’ve purged a little bit, promise yourself to shop for classic pieces that will last you a long time.  Shop at stores that make their products with integrity and care.  Invest in your closet, invest in nice pieces that you can get great usage out of.

Maximize your closet space by sacrificing other areas in your home.  Have a linen closet that would make a great purse display area?  Have a barely-used at home office desk?  Put a mirror on it, a couple decorations and turn it into a vanity, jewelry buffet or perfume display table. You can also maximize closet space by thinking up.  Get a fancy beautiful stepping stool and build shelving up high.  Avoid unstructured things on the floor.  When you keep the floor empty in a small closet, it makes the ceiling look higher and your closet less stubby and overwhelming.  You never want to over stack things either. You want to be able to SEE your clothes so you can make proper outfit choices, use the value of your stuff and feel confident about your style identity.  

2. What are some funs ways to store accessories (i.e. jewelry/belts/handbags/etc.)?

Get funky but keep to the style of your home. You do not want your closet looking like a dorm room.  Please, if you’re a grown lady, do NOT buy those ugly sterile plastic boxes-get fancy…Think glamour, not plastic crappy bins and containers.  If you don’t have the budget for a jewelry armoire, get creative.  Buy an antique gold frame, staple chicken mesh wire to it, put hardware store hooks on it and add your jewelry on it!  For belts, ties, hats and scarves I do NOT recommend “over the door” hooks.  They scratch and ruin your doorframe and it looks cramped and cluttered, scarves can also get caught in the door jam. Tie/scarf or belt hangers will do the job just fine.  Think like celebrity closet designers…bangles in a crystal bowl, valet hooks, garment rolling racks, chandeliers…For more jewelry storage ideas: http://kpanache.blogspot.com/2012/07/super-rich-girl-must-have-jewelry.html

3. What is the best way to store shoes? Keep original boxes or no?

If you have a high-end designer shoe and you have the space, keep the box!   If you do not have the space, keep high-end shoes in their dust bags or neatly in a row on a shelf. Stuff boots, strappy shoes and bags with tissue paper so it holds shape and looks professional.

4. What stores would you recommend for someone who is looking for storage/closet organization items (i.e. shoe boxes, hangers, shelves, and other organizational tools).

Even if your budget is small, do NOT shop at stores with cheap, mass made, low quality items like Ikea, Walmart, Dollar Stores and Kmart.  Those stores are great for other household items but you need your organization closet tools to last you a long time, look attractive and be reliable.

5. How often should one clean out their closet? How should one organize/store out-of-season clothing?

You never want to have a big spring cleaning daunting weekend of organizing scheduled in your calendar. It’s all about baby steps and maintenance so you constantly have an idea of what is in your closet.  Every few weeks, assess your outfit choices. Have you been over repeating the same look too often? Are you not utilizing statement pieces? What are your fashion issues?  Organize your closet by category. Always put like with like/type with type.  Then color coordinate it so you know exactly what you own.  Dresses with dresses, jeans with jeans. Then put them in color order. (Once you do this, it’s really funny to see what you hoard…I have WAY too many black shirts and zero green and red shirts).

6. Do you have any suggestions on how to organize beauty items like make-up/nail polish?

Keep your beauty and skin care items easy to reach.  Most high-end foundations (average 1 fl oz) can cost you around $45, so put it somewhere you can easily find!  Everything in your home must have a place.  When you’re done using hairspray, put it back in the same place you found it.  Avoid being “that messy girl”; it’s unattractive, wastes money and it will take you much longer to get out the door in the morning.  Have a designated make-up area.  Make sure your makeup storage (trays, acrylic drawers, makeup armoires, vanity drawers) is clean-able because powders and liquids can get messy.  (Do not keep makeup in your bathroom, the shower heat and steam will expire your beauty items and grow bacteria).  Make a nail polish display prestigious and opulent.  Line the bottles up by brand and color order on a mirrored tray, keep your lip balms in a mini glass vase, lotion bottles on crochet lace doilies…get creative. Think royalty, not college-dormy. 

7. Are there any organization websites/blogs that you would recommend?

I recommend finding an organization system that works best for you. Following exactly what others do can be really hard if you have a different floor plan layout.  I get inspired by habituallychic.blogspot.com, organizeit.com, DIY blogs, craft blogs etc… 

8. What kind of services do you offer? What are your price points? How can people get in contact with you?

I offer two main home/closet organization services. Closet rehab and closet facelift!  Some clients prefer not to be a part of the declutter process because it is overwhelming having people go through your personal belongings.  But other clients love helping with the organizing process because they can learn tips, tricks and get a reality check since they’re  observing first hand their spending and collecting bad habits.  There is a lot of therapy and life coaching that goes along with my profession. I have dissected the lifestyle habits and minds of my clients…what is keeping them from being organized? What items do they cherish and why?  Why do they collect these things? What are their fashion goals?

I’ve worked with high end cliental that have multiple homes and closets.  I’ve also worked with small 350 square foot apartments.  Nothing surprises me anymore-I have seen it all…I’ve organized Hermes birkin bags, hoarders, and even OCD neat people that think they’re messy!  My price point for the DMV area is extremely low.  The organizing profession is new to this area so I’m extremely fair.  Visit vanchic.com for a list of services and pricing options.  My staff and I love helping people and lifting a weight off their shoulders, it feels SO GOOD to tidy up and breath easy in your home.

When I organize a room, I like to make a specific focal point or theme.  I love telling a story with closets and rooms.  I absolutely despise the standard organizer tips and methods because who the heck wants a bunch of plastic storage bins with labels all over?  That is not chic, beautiful or technically considered actual décor. It’s sterile and cheap.  I de-clutter with a fashion forward mindset.

Final Tips:

-Be fancy. Make your closet fantasy come true even with a tiny space and tiny budget.

-Invest in one of a kind design and storage pieces.  Fairs, antique stores, flea markets are all awesome places to shop or get inspired. 

-Think clean lines and symmetry.  Have any excess material on clothing or hardware hidden and not facing outwards. For example, the crotch of the pants, have it facing inwards. No garment should be sticking out.

-Cycle Method: If you bring 2 new magazines in your home, throw two old magazines out. Get the recycle process going.

-Put the everyday easy relaxed clothing items (like sweatshirts, tshirts or uggs) in the hard-to-reach places. This will influence and force you to put together new outfits and grab pieces that are fancier, complex and stylish.


203-554-1212  I organize the DMV area as well as Fairfield County CT and Nantucket MA.





I want to thank Kim for writing this, and I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did! Talk to you soon! Smooches!! XOXO

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