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Style Icon: Teyana Taylor

I have not done this series in a while, but it is a series I have always enjoyed doing, and must bring back to the blog! I have a number of style muses and today I’ll be discussing the infamous Teyana Taylor. Let’s discuss this chick’s fashion game, shall we?!

TT 4

Teyana has really come a long way from her debut on MTV’s Sweet 16 show a few years ago. She is clearly a grown woman now and dresses accordingly. Her style is one that I like to incorporate into my own repertoire occasionally, stealing a look here and an accessory there from time to time. From the snapbacks to the motorcycle jackets and graphic tees, this chick is definitely not afraid to be herself…Her Harlem upbringing is busting out of the seams of her clothes.

TT 2

What I love about her style is that it is simultaneously laid back and girly. While she is often seen in black, she isn’t afraid of color, and is often pictured in leopard print and army fatigues (my fav!). She keeps it fun with her tomboy stance and her urban style (I would have said swag here but I hate that word…but I digress). And yet, she is such a girl with her face always beat and nails freshly painted.

TT 3

And her hair!! It’s always full and absolutely gorgeous. Her tresses are to die for. Her hair is always on point whether she is rocking the curly mane or a super straight, chic look. Her style really reminds me a lot of Aaliyah (may she rest in peace). One of the main reasons why I love her style is because she simply isn’t trying too hard.

Who else would you all like to see featured in this series? I am going to try my best to keep it going…Talk to you soon! xx

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