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Spring Wishlist

I love making wishlists. They are almost like mini inspiration boards for me. This one definitely doesn’t have a specific theme but these are things that I am currently lusting after. I am thinking that my Spring style will be overflowing with positivity and progress, and bedazzled with lots of brights, neons, golds and gunmetals.


  1. These Michael Kors sneakers are adorable…I’m finding that on the weekends, I want to be cute and comfortable. Who wants to be all fussy in heels and whatnot when you’re supposed to be relaxed?!
  2. Rebecca Minkoff can do no wrong in my book when it comes to handbags. I saw this crossbody bag in her runway show last season and I was instantly in love.
  3. I was watching Oprah’s Lifeclass last night, which featured Rich Warren, the genius behind The Purpose Driven Life, and I was thinking, “Why haven’t I read this book yet?” I love pretty things but I also love knowledge…I love to learn new things (especially about myself). Out of all the things on this wishlist, I am most excited about reading The Purpose Driven Life this Spring.
  4. DVF is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. I love the shape of this handbag and that neon green flap is giving me life. This is THE perfect handbag for Spring.
  5. I don’t usually follow a lot of trends, but these dainty knuckle rings are adorable. This particular image is from Gal Vardi’s Esty page and are quite affordable .

What kinds of things are you all lusting after this Spring? Any wishlists or inspiration boards you’d like to share?

xx, KEL

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NOTD: Salt N’ Pepper

I don’t think I’ve ever featured an Indie nail polish brand on here, but I had to tell you guys about this glitter nail polish I tried recently. I purchased Salt N’ Pepper from Lush Lacquers on Etsy, and I only ordered the mini bottle because I wasn’t sure if I was going to really like it. Now I wish I had purchased the bigger bottle! Lol…This glitter is super fun! I had a hard time capturing all of its awesomeness on camera, which sucks but I hope you like the swatches anyway.

Salt N’ Pepper consists of a clear base, black and white bar, hexagonal and square glitters (all various sizes), and tiny specks of holographic glitter. It reminds me of paint splatter…Check out the images below:


What do you guys think? Have you tried this or any other indie nail polish brand?! Let me know!
Smooches! XOXO

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