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Back to Black

I dyed my hair jet black a couple of weeks ago, and I am loving it! For some reason I feel like my hair looks healthier when its all black. It seems like when you have color in your hair even minuscule damage is magnified! I only had highlights for a couple of months, but I just grew tired of that look. Felt like I needed to work hard to pull it off (that was probably all in my head but oh well…Lol). I liked the highlights, but I was ready for a change…back to black I go (went)!

What hair colors are you guys into? Ever had any dye hick-ups? If so, post a comment. I’d love to hear about it!

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I’m back from my mini hiatus. I feel like I haven’t done a post in forever! I apologize for my absence, but my thesis writing has been taking up a considerable amount of my time. I’ve completed my first chapter and have begun writing my second. There will be three chapters in all in addition to an introduction and conclusion. Anywhoo…I wanted to show you guys what I have been up to…

First, I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut and I needed a change. So I decided to get some highlights in my hair. These highlights really gave me life…Funny how something so small can make such a significant difference in how you feel about yourself…But let me quit talking and show you the pics!



My hair dresser used something called “Uncolor” to lighten my hair, which is healthier than bleach. I usually dye my hair black, but I was getting tired of that look. You have to switch it up every now and then, ladies! I really wanted to cut it, but my hair dresser refuses to let me cut my hair…Lol.

Anywhoo…I hope you enjoyed this post…I’ll be posting tomorrow about the lipstick that I have on in these pictures as well as a few other lipsticks I’ve picked up recently. I am loving lipsticks right now (both high and low end)!

Smooches! XOXO

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