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Getting Organized…


So let’s talk about getting organized…I purchased this Kate Spade 2015 Agenda (small size with black and white stripes) at http://www.swoozies.com and I am in love with the interior. It is very chic but also very understated so that you could dressed it up with various stickers and washi tape if you’d like. What I like most, and what has been keeping me organized, is the monthly view on two pages. There are weekly pages in this agenda as well, but I find that I don’t really use them much. When I can see the entire month at a glance, I get a good sense of what’s coming up as well as things I need to take care of immediately.


I just started this month so it’s a little bare, but normally I like to mark bill dues dates, gym days, events and other things that I need to remember.  I try to find space to write down the books I want to read during that month also, and I check them off as I complete them.

I haven’t fully gotten into planner decorating, but I definitely plan to. I think that being organized can be fun if you spruce it up and make it work for you and your personality. The journaling memos in this picture are from Michaels’ Heidi Swapp collection. I love them so much and I will def be going back to purchase more! The page flags are from the dollar section at Target. I had to search for a minute to find those things too! And I really wish I could find more than one but whatevs! Lol…This 17 month calendar retails for about $30, but there are some more affordable ones out there…


Actually, Sugar Paper just released their line of agendas and notebook planners at Target this week. You can get the smaller agendas for $7.99 and they are super cute! Here is a quick look at them…The one on the left just has the monthly view 2015 calendar and the rest of the notebook is for notes. The one on the right is an actual agenda with both monthly and weekly views. Therefore, you can choose one based on your needs/preference.

Do guys maintain an agenda? If so, what kind? I have been watching tons of Youtube videos and following some folks on Instagram that are really into this and would put my little planner to shame, but we all have to start somewhere, right?! I really want this neon pink Filofax, but it appears to be sold out everywhere…Besides, I have to make sure I actually maintain this agenda for more than a few months before I go investing a bunch of money into a Filofax.

Anywhoo, I hope you all are having a blessed weekend…Talk to you soon! xx

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Winter Survival Kit

Winter Survival Kit
It has been ridiculously cold in Maryland this winter so I have been taking refuge at home, and everyone knows I enjoy being on my couch. However, the items above are just a few things I need in order to stay busy while on the couch. I swear that I spend way too much time online but I just can’t help it. The internet is the way of the world now, and it connects and exposes you to so many things that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to. Sometimes I don’t even bother turning my television on…I sit back and listen to music either while I am writing in my journal, painting my nails, or surfing the net.
When the music is off, Netflix is definitely on. I LOVE NETFLIX, like seriously. I’ve watched countless televisions shows, documentaries, and movies on there. The Lord designed it just for me! Lol…If you aren’t in the know, I feel bad for you son.
So on your next snow day (I’ve enjoyed at least 3 snow days this month) snuggle up with your favorite cup of tea (coffee/hot chocolate) in your Minnie Mouse onesie and RELAX. Write, read, lounge…do whatever you like to do but make sure you enjoy your down time.
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Kel’s Current Crush List

Kel's Current Crush List
I have been obsessing over this Kate Spade Beau satchel since the very beginning of fall. Now that I have returned my Wang (which was the worse bag EVER), I think I am going to replace it with this baby…I tried it on in Nordstrom yesterday and decided that it is def the right fit for me. Gawgeous!!
But, I am supposed to be focusing my attention on shoes…Shoes are the only thing that I really don’t have, so these two babies above are on my wish list. Nine times out of ten, I will go for the pumps even though pumps never fit me properly. I have the hardest time finding a pair of pumps that don’t look like I have a huge gap in between the back of my shoe and the back of my foot. The struggle is so real yall…So I’ll probably end up with the boots for rainy and snowy days.
The rest of my wish list is minor…I’ve been eyeing Tory Burch earrings (several pairs) for well over a year now. There are certain things that I have a hard time spending money on and costume jewelry is one of them. Lol…Regardless, not wanting to spend $58 on these has not stopped me from wanting them.
You guys know I love my sunnies as well. These futuristic babies are calling my name. I really don’t need them, but their future in my accessory closet is looking bright.
And everyone knows Mac’s Heroine lipstick is a must have. No need to elaborate on that one…
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