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Fall Inspiration

Lately, I have been turning to Pinterest for style inspiration. One of my boards, Clothes and Clutchez, consists of hundreds of pictures that serve as my virtual stylist. With all the faux leather pants and structured blazer looks,  I am super excited about gearing up my wardrobe for Fall. While I have subconsciously gravitated towards a lot of black, I know that I will need some pops of color as well. Check out some of the most inspirational looks I’ve found on Pinterest below:

20120909-085111.jpgI plan to rock a very similar look for a date night or girl’s night out with my friends. I like this because it is classic and yet has a bit of edge. Although I doubt that I would ever wear a white handbag or those shoes, the blazer and leather pants would be the perfect look for me.


This vest and handbag really makes this outfit. The ruffled shoulders as well as the orange stripe going down the right of side of the vest is EVERYTHING! And the Celine handbag…quite frankly, is amazing!!!


First, this Philip Lim satchel is to die for (sorry, but you all know I am obsessed with handbags)…I love this look because it is, like the first one, very classy but has some edge to it. The embroidered peplum blouse and yellow jacket  are super girly, which softens the edge of all the black leather.


This motorcycle jacket along with the red clutch is hot. I am not wild about these particular leather pants (I think I would be a bit too hippy for these), but I could def see myself rocking the heck out of the jacket and clutch. And did you notice the nails? Yup…I peeped that. Loves it!


This is a look I could wear any day of the week. It is a super laid back look but could pass for being dressed up if you throw on some high heel boots.

Sidenote: I don’t know what kind of handbag this is in the picture, but I need to find out! Studded embellishments are my new favorite thing on accessories at the moment…I’m just saying…


Do I even need to say why I like this outfit? Nope. I think it speaks for itself.


Last but certainly not least in my book, how cute is this outfit?! That trench! Not sure that I would rock the skirt, but the blouse and trench are right up my alley. And is that another Celine handbag? Sure is! I am also loving the gold accessories and super dark sunnies.

I hope you all like these looks, but if you don’t there are thousands of inspirational images online if you need a little something to help you with your wardrobe. Yesterday, while I was reading the latest issue of Lucky Magazine (October), I stumbled upon an article about finding your personal style.

The first step was gathering pictures of things you love, things that actually inspire you. I encourage you all to do that. And in the process of finding your style, pick up and try on some things that you ordinarily wouldn’t. According to Lucky, “You’ll never know if something suits you unless you put it on.”

Hope you all enjoyed this post…now I have to get back to my thesis! I had said I wasn’t going to post anything until I was finished it, but who am I kidding?! I am addicted to blogging…Lol…Talk to you all soon! XOXO

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