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NCLA Nail Wraps

I finally was able to get my hands on some of the NCLA Nail Wraps. First, let me say that they were really easy to apply, and I think the price is reasonable in regards to the quality of the strips. They give you enough strips for two applications, which I think is nice  ($16 each). If you are fashion forward and love to get creative with your accessories then you will love these.

I also must say that I think I should have chosen a different design because I did not love this one on me. I liked the design itself, but not the green base color. I had seen swatches of these strips and was expecting the green to look a bit brighter (freakin’ flash will trick you every time)…but honestly, besides the design, I couldn’t find anything wrong with these strips…This particular design is called Money Green, from their Melody Ehsani Collection. Check out the photos below:

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