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Try This Trend: Half Moon Manicure

I have been wanting to try this trend for quite some time now. I’m sure you’ve seen it a million times, but I had to do my own version of the half moon mani. It was pretty easy, but it definitely takes a considerable about of time, as you have to wait for your base color to dry before you apply the reinforcements to the nail. And yes, I used hole reinforcement stickers (normally used for the purpose of reinforcing rips in holed notebook paper) to get the half moon look at the bottom of my nail.

Check out the swatches below:

For my base color I used Revlon’s Gold Coin, and China Glaze’s Liquid Leather as the main color. I put two coats of Out the Door fast drying Top Coat on my nails as well to add some shine and to smooth the line between the black and the gold.

My right hand didn’t turn out as well as my left hand showed here, but not bad at all for my first time. I think I will be revisiting this mani again and again especially for occasions when I am going out! I am going to try some various color combinations as well…I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

Have you tried the half moon mani yet? If so, how did you like it? Did you do it yourself?

I’m on serious crunch time right now with my thesis, which I am trying to finish by Monday.  I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and I will talk to you sometime next week! xx

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Quick Post: Tribal Nails Anyone?

I was playing around with my Sally Hansen’s nail art pen in black (which I have never used BTW) and I decided to try my hand at creating a tribal print on my nails. It came out okay for a first try (I think) but I ran into a serious problem when I tried to do my right hand. My right hand was an epic FAIL! I have gotten really good at painting my right hand, which took a lot of practice, but now I see that nail art is a whole other animal! Lol…

But tell me what you think about my left hand:


In case you are wondering, I used Essie’s Lights as the base color. Then I put one coat of the Out the Door base coat (gotta love that shine!)…

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! Talk to you all soon! xxx

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